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C. Reilly Law has provided representation before probate courts throughout Rhode Island.  Probate courts provide an invaluable service to our communities by assisting with the expeditious administration of estates and assisting with protecting those who are unable to care for themselves.  For the most part, the probate court deals with probating the estates of our deceased loved ones.  With nearly 55% of citizens passing away without a Will, the probate court plays an important role in helping determine who the heirs and creditors of an estate are, and what portion of the estate they are entitled to.  Even when a Will is involved, the probate court plays an integral role in ensuring that the decedent’s wishes are followed and the appropriate beneficiaries receive the portions of the estate they are entitled to. 

Our team at Mackie & Reilly is experienced in most probate matters and is available to walk you through the complex process of probating an estate.  Our team has experience in the following probate matters:

  • Full probate administrations
  • Guardianships
  • Voluntary informal administrations
  • Will contests